Reducing Calories in Rice – Using Coconut Oil and Refrigeration

Rice is one of the staple crops in almost all countries in the world. Whether used whole in the form of boiled rice, fried rice or used in the form of powder, rice has found its way to every kitchen on the globe.

Traditionally, Rice had been considered as a poor man’s food due to the amount of carbohydrate and energy that it can provide to your body.

A Bowl of Rice - Reducing Calories in Rice

A Bowl of Rice

One cup of rice (dry) [the typical amount a person can eat in meal] contains 735 calories. This is 1/4th of the calorific requirement of an average male. Therefore, having rice twice a day almost makes up for half of your daily needs. However, with the changing lifestyles, the growing number of obesity cases and the increased occurrence of high blood sugar and diabetics, Rice has brought itself a negative fame as well. In case you are fat, or your sugar levels are high, the first thing your doctor or nutritionist would advise is leaving eating rice.

Therefore, a lot of people have shifted towards Healthier forms of rice such as brown rice. However, the challenge with brown rice is that it does not taste the same. Also, brown rice may not be the perfect ingredient for a lot of recipes.

Reducing Calories in Rice?

So is there a way in which you can eat your rice while ensuring that you do not consume so many calories? There seems to be a way for reducing calories in rice.

Researchers from the College of Chemical Sciences in Sri Lanka, have come up with a method how to reduce the calories of Rice into half. The baffling aspect is that you reduce this calories but adding fat to it? Sounds ridiculous? Apparently, it is not!

The process of reducing calories in rice starts with adding a tea spoon of coconut oil to boiling water, prior to adding rice to the water. You can use a tea spoon of coconut oil for every bowl (100 gms) of raw dry rice. Once the rice is boiled, keep it in the refrigerator for 12 hours.

Whenever you want to eat your rice, simply take it out of the refrigerator and eat. Do not worry, you do not need to eat the rice cold. You can reheat the rice without worry and consume it. This process helps in reducing calories in rice by almost half.


So How Does this Work?

Rice, or any other food material provides calories to the body when it is digested by your digestive system and broken down in smaller glucose molecules. They are then used by the body for energy and any additional calories get stored in the form of fat. However, the human digestive system is capable of breaking only a few types of carbohydrates and not all. Therefore, the theory is that in case you can turn the carbohydrates in rice into a type of carbohydrate that cannot be digested by the body, the body would not intake those calories but excrete it out.


Adding coconut oil to boiling water and then adding rice to it leads to a chemical reaction that is capable of converting the carbohydrates to non-digestable carbohydrates. Once you refrigerate this rice for 12 hours, this process is complete and reheating the rice does not change back the composition. A simple but effective method for reducing calories in rice that you eat everyday!


So the next time you want to eat rice, just plan a bit ahead of time and cook and store it in your refrigerator!


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