Health Benefits of Ghee (Clarified butter) – For Your Skin

Every country has its very own special, natural beauty ingredient for the skin. China obsesses over its green tea, Moroccans over their argan oil and we Indians can not help but boast about our magic ointment i.e. Ghee.

Being the age-old and the purest form of fat, ghee has never been merely used for internal nutrition. It has been and is still a raging beautifying product for external usage. It poses a fair competition to the expensive branded beauty products with its wide array of skin benefits. Neither does it have any side-effects nor does it cause any type of allergic reaction.

Extremely simple to make, it can be stored without any hassles at any temperature. It is a product that will last you years if prepared properly. No expiry date to its goodness!



Adding ghee to your skin care regime can have a lot of benefits. From providing the ultimate moisture to your dry skin, keeping it hydrated and supple, to brightening and whitening it. A dab of ghee can do it all. It will leave behind a natural glow and will also help in balancing out your skin tone. It is the perfect antidote to blemishes that you will ever find.


SOMETHING FOR ALL- Be it a teenager or adult.

It is advantageous to all age-groups. While massaging it daily on your body may help you defy time, it will also minimize and eventually make your acne scars vanish. It is a proven anti-ageing substance given its abundance of Vitamin K2, which keeps your skin elastic and thwarts wrinkle formation because of its skin cells rejuvenating ability.


SUPPLEMENTARY BENEFITS- As if the main ones weren’t enough!

A definite cure to chapped mouths, it also reverses the pigmentation that has darkened your naturally pink lips. It is very simple to apply and also imminently available in all Indian households. Ghee can also help in clearing up your dark circles, no more looking sleep deprived! It even brightens up dull and tired eyes. Using it overnight can give you fresh and relaxed eyes in a very short span of time.



Apart from the beauty assistance, ghee plays a major role in the science of healing. Ayurveda is the traditional Hindu system of medicine which has recognized ghee as a multi-purpose ointment.  It is now being acknowledged worldwide too. This Vedic creation is often effectively used as an ointment to soothe minor general concerns like burns and cuts. What’s fascinating is that it is equally remedial in more specific skin problems like chicken pox scars and herpes wounds. Its application can help reduce swelling in different parts of the body and pacify inflammation of the epidermis too.



It is time that Indians grow out of the narrow perspective that the world had conferred upon them, realize the potential and viability of its traditional approaches and enjoy its various benefits. Go natural, use ghee!

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