Health Benefits of Ghee (Clarified Butter) – For Blood Sugar

Ghee is said to be liquid gold and rightly so. Apart from being ideal for cooking (because of its high smoking point), it has also been recognized as a miraculous element in Ayurvedic healing. Hence, Ghee ought to be a necessary constituent in your daily diet, given its numerous health benefits like improved digestion, weight loss, better bone health and also its corroborative effect on diabetic well-being. YES, you read it right! Against the popular belief that taking ghee will make you fat and only increase your cholesterol, it is anticipated to have a few advantages for diabetic patients.


Essentially a rich source of vitamins like vitamin A, E, D, K, as well as beta-carotene, ghee has an abundance of vital antioxidants which facilitate effective management of diabetes. The right consumption of this fat also enables melting down the fat deposits that have accumulated in the body, further aiding the cause.


Butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid found in ghee proves to be of assistance in controlling insulin levels. A study published in the journal Diabetes in 2009 found that ‘butyrate could prevent and treat diet-induced insulin resistance.’ Moreover, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) present in clarified butter also helps in lowering the insulin resistance, weight management and in the prevention of diabetes onset in adults.


Quite surprisingly, its consumption also goes a long way in improving the function of GLP-1, a fundamental gut hormone which enables the secretion of Insulin, a significant factor of diabetic management.


Ghee constitutes fats which assist in the nutrient absorption process providing a boost to our Immune Systems. Let us explain this to you. We are well aware that the beta cells of the pancreas in diabetes patients are damaged due to a weakened immunity. This causes inefficiency in the glucose-to-energy conversion, hence resulting in elevated blood glucose level. As Ghee facilitates the gut hormone GLP-1, it subsequently also reverses the damage caused to the beta cells, altogether playing a very important role in diabetes management.


Ghee is essentially clarified butter, it is 100% fat. Almost all the calories in it come from saturated fats. Thereby, ghee does not contain any carbohydrate. By adding clarified butter to your food, the otherwise high-carb dishes with elevated high glycemic levels such as paranthas, dosas, idlis and rice, etc. turn into low glycemic level foods which are more appropriate for diabetic patients.


Diet plays out a really significant role in the blood sugar levels. Hence diabetic people must be really cautious of the amounts of Ghee that they indulge in. The key to reap the ultimate benefits is to use it in fair moderation alongside regular exercise.

Also, make sure you are using Vedic Ghee only. Made at home is the best kind.

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