Health Benefits of Ghee (Clarified butter) – For Your Hair

Although our hair are not particularly essential to life, we hold them quite dear and invest a lot of time and money on them. For any woman or even a man, greying, thinning or hair fall is a major concern in their lives, which require immediate attention. Hence a wide range of products are available in the markets like masks, serums, shampoos and conditioners, etc., all promising you shiny and smooth hair. While most of them are full of ‘sulphates’ and ‘parabens’ that deteriorate their quality over time, the ‘natural ones’ are too expensive to fit in most people’s budget and even they do not guarantee any long-lasting results.

In the dazzling light of these commercial products, one almost cannot see the simple age-old hair-care remedies that our Indian culture has bestowed upon us. Ghee is one such cure. Often-overlooked, it is a natural and low-cost solution for all your hair problems. It does your tresses good, both inside and out.

Used extensively in Ayurveda, ghee simply put, is clarified butter which is rich in essential fatty acids as well as Vitamins like A, D, E and K.


Since it’s a pure fat, rich in anti-oxidants and fatty acids it can be simply applied to your hair and will work wonders as against your fragranced and chemical softeners. It has essentially been the original conditioner for centuries. It will turn your dry, frizzy hair into healthy, manageable hair by deeply conditioning it.


As advocated by Ayurveda, massaging lukewarm ghee can pacify a dry or itchy scalp and also get rid of dandruff permanently if used on a daily basis. The vitamins and minerals present in ghee enable it to fight off these three common yet bugging hair issues and provide relief.


Being a dairy product, ghee is known to cleanse and kill the infection causing bacteria on your scalps. When used regularly it will eradicate the infection for good.


A Japanese research suggested that regular ghee massage on the scalp can help boost the thickness of hair. Having a high value of hair-friendly nutrients, clarified butter provides nourishment from within, which the commercial products fail to do. Not only does it improve your hair-texture significantly, it will impart a beautiful bounce and extra shine to your locks.


Fat-soluble Vitamin A, abundant in ghee maintains healthy production levels of Sebum. Generated close to the roots of hair, this natural oil prevents your scalp from drying out and flaking. Also, dry coarse tresses are often accompanied by loads of split ends. Hence by keeping them ghee-moisturized helps repair those nasty split ends too.


Ghee when massaged into the scalp, helps advocate sufficient amounts of Vitamin-D into the hair cuticles which strengthen the roots and in turn provide relief from hair fall. Vitamin-D plays an important role in cell growth too. It has hence been concluded that it also stimulates their growth.


This particular vitamin offers a purely natural and very effective means of protection against sun damage. While sun exposure and the heavy amounts of chemicals present it hair products cause oxidative strain on them and damage them. Ghee application can help overcome it.

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