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Green Onions and Spring Onions: The names are used interchangeably by all of us in our daily lives. However, there exists a slight difference between the two varieties, green onions have long and green leaves and no or very small bulb. Their flavor is quite mild and they can be eaten raw or lightly cooked. Spring onions have a white, round bulb with long and firmer stems. Their flavor is much stronger than green onions (scallions). Therefore, when you are using in your salads, prefer to use green onions over spring onions, as the pungency of the green onions will be much less. Also, while cooking, you may want to use lesser amount of spring onions in case you are replacing spring onions by green onions.

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Difference between Scallions (Green Onions) and Spring Onions.

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Nature and Nutrition - Our Objectives

Nature and Nutrition

One of the major challenges of today’s life is to maintain a healthy body and mind. In this era of fast paced lives, we struggle to include healthy habits such as exercising and eating healthy food. As we miss these, we try to supplement our lives with pills, diet supplement and expensive food articles.

However, one of the facts that we completely ignore is that the normal diet that we consume everyday, is not being eaten the way it is supposed to be. From the humble potato to the exquisite artichoke, all naturally occurring products have a purpose and nutritional value. The idea of Nature and Nutrition is to bring forward the in-depth knowledge of each food item, so that you can take the maximum benefit out of them.

Know your food

Get to know the complete details of each food item that you consume in your daily life, to ensure that you get the maximum health benefits

Understand the Side Effects

A same food item may be good for some and bad for others, learn about the various physical conditions under which you should not consume a particular food item.

Be Safe

Understand how to ensure that you are not buying food items that are either spoiled or have turned harmful.

Healthy Preparation

Learn how to clean and cut various vegetables and fruits, which helps in preserving maximum nutrition while removing maximum harmful elements.

Cooking Healthy

The same food article cooked in two different manner can have completely two different effects on your health. Learn how to cook alongside preserving the best nutrients.

Mouth watering recipes

A set of carefully chosen recipes for best taste and health. You can submit your own recipe as well, so that the world can come to know.